Strong women. Dangerous circumstances. Western landscapes.

The Nora Abbott Mysteries

Hopi Indian mysticism. Environmental risk. Murder.

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 Height of Deception

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In a modern world of corporate greed, rabid activists, and murder, ancient Hopi spirits might have the final say. 

Everything Nora Abbott has struggled to achieve is now within her grasp. After a divisive four-year court battle she’s been granted the right to make snow at her beloved mountain resort, guaranteeing financial prosperity and hopefully saving her failing marriage. But when her husband is found murdered on the mountain, suspicion turns to Nora.

After failing to save her husband and desperate to protect her mother and a Hopi teen, Nora throws herself into the deadly crossfire between environmentalists, Native Americans, and big business.

Allies become enemies and friends are suspect. Even the spirits of the mountain seem pitted against her. Can Nora save herself, the mountain, and the people she loves?

Height of Deception is the first in the Nora Abbott mysteries, all dealing with the mystic Hopi, environmental issues, and murder. If you like Tony Hillerman, William Kent Krueger, and Margaret Coel, you’ll love this series.

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“Baker’s series debut brings Native American culture and big business together into a clash that can be heard across the mountains.”  Library Journal

This book was previously titled Tainted Mountain.

Skies of Fire

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A woman’s chance at redemption. A brilliant scientist’s unquenchable ambition. A battle that could destroy a continent.

Nora Abbott flees to her Rocky Mountain roots to heal her soul and halt the visions of Hopi spirits that plague her. An encounter on a mountaintop leads to a job at an environmental non-profit in Boulder, and she jumps at what she believes will be a chance for redemption.

When Nora discovers accounting anomalies at the trust, she’s compelled to right the wrong.  Unraveling corruption leads Nora on a treacherous journey that unearths a complex plot rivaled only by the depths of destruction it will cause.

Wits and strength alone might not be enough. Nora may have to accept her unexpected heritage to guide her. Global catastrophe hangs in the balance.

Skies of Fire is the follow up to Height of Deception.

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“Baker deftly escalates the stakes of her initially straightforward story, which takes a much more serious turn before arriving at its unexpected conclusion.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

This book was previously titled Broken Trust.

Canyon of Lies

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Something strange and deadly is happening in the desert of southern Utah. When ancient prophesy clashes with modern fanatics, can Nora prevent more death?

Nora Abbott risks her career at Loving Earth Trust on a film project to convince Congress to expand Canyonlands National Park. But someone is desperate to keep the secrets of the land hidden. When her best friend and director of the film is found dead, Nora isn’t convinced it was an accident. Nora’s Hopi kachina messenger has vanished and now it looks as though the man she’s finally allowed herself to love, has left her, too.

As Nora uncovers an unlikely intersection of ancient Hopi legends, a secret polygamist sect, and one of the world’s richest men, she is drawn deeper into danger. Her mother’s surprising past holds the key to the clash of cultures, but will Nora put all the pieces together in time to prevent disaster? Set in the iconic red rocks of Moab, Utah, Nora races to discover what really lies beyond the stars.

Canyon of Lies is the third book in the Nora Abbott mystery series.

“TATTERED LEGACY is a fine standalone murder mystery and a marvelous addition to her series. If you enjoy the Nevada Barr crime stories this one will be right up your hiking trail.”   Fresh Fiction

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This book was previous titled Tattered Legacy.